2021-02-08 Hydrogen Economy Conference 2020
Hydrogen Economy Conference 2020
Hydrogen Economy Conference 2020

Hydron (H2energy is one of most discussed forms of energy for the future. Its role in enhancing a sustainable living environment and circular economy is promising.

In keeping members and interest parties abreast of the latest developments, HKGSAHong Kong Environmental Industry Association (HKEnvIA), Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies (HAESCO) and Business Environment Council(BEC), have jointly organized this unique half-day online forum, bringing experts on international levels and presenting cutting-edge technological innovations (storage and transportation) and policy directions.

Apart from the leaders of the co-organizers, prominent and renowned speakers included:

     "Hydrogen Energy Promotes Fourth Industrial Revolution" (
Presentation File)
     Prof. C.C. CHAN (陳清泉 院士) SBS
     Honorary Professor of The University of Hong Kong
     Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering UK
     Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (中國工程院院士)

     "Hydrogen Economy 2.0" (
Presentation File)
     Mr. Albert LAU (
劉培生 先生)
     Founder and CEO, EPRO Advance Technology Limited

     "Sunlight-driven Water Splitting for Clean Hydrogen Production" (
Presentation File)
     Prof. NG Yun Hau (吳永豪 教授)
     Associate Professor, School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong

     "Global Promotion of Hydrogen Economy by United Nations Development Programme in China" (
Presentation File)
     Dr. ZHANG Wei Dong (
張衛東 博士), Programme Director
     United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (聯合國開發計劃署) in China, Beijing

e-Conference Booklet was prepared to enhance participants' conference experience. A brief Event Report was also prepared, and the video recording of the Conference can be reviewed at https://youtu.be/JJhqVAKqraI.